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Trashy Tales

People have been disrespecting Mother Nature. Again.

My husband and I took part in a corporate “Park Clean Up” day and it made me imagine that if the park could speak, she would have some stories to tell!

Suffocated by the trash, the earth would have to sputter out her tales. Judging by all the used condom wrappers, some would be sordid. It’s hard to concoct a romance novel in all that dirt and scrub. A discarded bra and pink flip flop were soiled and buried in the bush. The land felt like a crime scene.

Piles of old roof tiles, paint cans, rubber, wood, bottles, and gun shells were a clear indication that the “No Dumping” sign was not protecting this national treasure. She is being abused and her abusers are among us.

As our dumpster began to fill, we could see the fruits of our (sweaty!) labour and I imagined our little square of the park smiling. She could breathe a little easier and hoped that a few more people had learned to treat her with the care that she deserves.

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