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Tossed and not Cross

I got tossed from a horse last week.

People have said to me “that must have been so scary!” It happened too fast to be frightening. I was in shock as I lay on the ground and the big, beautiful mare looked down at me. As soon as I was out of the saddle she stopped bucking and carrying on and just stood there, beside me.

She seemed satisfied, not elated or excited. She wanted me off and got her way.

After I took a minute to collect myself, my first feeling was gratitude. Weird? Maybe. But, my foremost thought was of relief at not landing on my head or neck. Perspective kicked in immediately.

As I gingerly walked the horse to the barn, I spoke to her, and when we stopped she rubbed her face against my arm. I like to think it was a “sorry” nuzzle. I’ll never know, but I can project whatever sentiments I want into her gesture. That’s one of the many gifts of hanging out with horses.

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