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This forecast has been brought to you by…

I see the “Bay Creek Weather Station” sign every time I take our dog for a walk and it makes me smile. It reminds me that I no longer check the Weather Network daily. In my new life, it’s hot and sunny all the time.

My husband thrives in the intense heat. I wilt. My body is still getting acclimatized to the sizzling temperatures and humidity. The dog and I walk around with our tongues hanging out and I’ve been tempted to splay out with him on the cool tile floor.

I feel very grateful that we have lots of big windows, because for now, I am quite happy taking in the beauty of the landscape from the comfort of our air conditioned home. I dart outside to water the plants and see some fish.

Unlike our Canadian summers, I don’t feel the need to savor every second of good weather. There is no fear of missing out.

Besides, my hubby is obsessed with the fact that we are in hurricane season so I’m confident that if anything of interest is brewing my personal weatherman will provide me with the pertinent facts.

For now, I glance at my new favourite Weather Station and cross my fingers that the coconut doesn’t disappear anytime soon!

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