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The Write Stuff

I did it! My memoir, Why Not Me, is published. I’m not sure why I still feel a bit stunned by this news. I worked hard to make it happen.

The 2020 COVID lockdown gave me the right stuff get my book done. It afforded me the gift of time and energy to devote to writing all day, every day.

Each day started with yoga at 6:30am to clear my mind.

I silenced my phone.

My husband and son gave up trying to talk to me when I was at my computer; I was in “the zone.”

I talked to them and got fresh air when we walked the dog.

A notepad by the bed proved useful for ideas that came to me at the end, or beginning, of the day. If I didn’t write them down, even the best thought evaporated.

The process didn’t end with the lift of COVID lockdown, but by then I had a decent first draft and began some rewrites and editing.

Then came the help of a professional editor. That really brought things together!

My family and friends provided immeasurable support in helping me achieve my goal. I received invaluable input, and another gift; connecting, and reconnecting, with people in my life.

I wrote Why Not Me to raise awareness about invisible illnesses and help others feel less alone. Resilience is built by layering coping skills so I shared some of mine.

I “wrote from the heart to give my book a pulse.”

I’m contemplating writing a second book, but before I do, the best thing to do is collect feedback about Why Not Me. Please let me know your thoughts and post comments/ratings online.

With an open mind, I’ll use the power of perspective to sort through what I receive.

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