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The Power of a Flower

I have been having a hard time writing my blog. It feels trite during this time; inconsequential.

The war in the Ukraine has made me feel lucky for all that we have, but the news updates bring on feelings of sadness for the horrendous loss and suffering. The images of mass destruction and carnage stay in my brain.

We all know about the brute force of guns and bombs, but the only way for me to quell my troubled mind is to focus on another great force, nature.

I am paying attention to my garden more than usual. Growth is providing immense pleasure; new life helps take my mind away from the death and destruction that I am unable to change.

A month ago, my husband and I attached three orchids to a palm tree in our yard, hoping they might take root and flower again.

Last week, one blossomed. I was delighted and immediately texted my husband a photo with the caption “It bloomed!!!!”

Nature has a way of feeding our soul, keeping us connected and grounded. Little miracles abound if we look for them. Gratitude is never far from my mind, and I’m hoping for some big miracles to end the war, along with the smaller ones that Mother Nature provides daily.

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1 Comment

Mar 31, 2022

Nature is amazing for soothing our souls and keeping our gratitude cups filled! I'm so excited your orchid rooted and is blooming again- I love that!! xxx

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