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Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun...

I woke up this morning with the bright sun shining through the blinds. I could tell there were few clouds in the sky. I immediately felt optimistic and said to myself “it’s a new day.” I wanted to get going.

There’s something about sunshine. It’s magnetic and draws us outside. People are happier and friendlier when it’s bright out. Add some warmth and you have a recipe for joy.

An hour later when I was walking the dog, the roads were busy with cyclists and joggers. It’s not only bears that come out of hibernation.

As we approach the long weekend, let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine. It seems so long ago that this was a “party” weekend; now, I’m just looking forward to some outside socially distanced interactions, pulling the weeds from our garden (their roots are as long as the ones in my hair!) and getting take-out to shake up our at-home dining routine.

Some golden rays would be the icing on the cake.

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