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Steps Towards a Cure

Today was my 20th consecutive Walk for MS.

The anniversary made me reflective.

I was diagnosed with MS in October 2001 and signed up for the annual MS Walk in April 2002. I have taken part in the annual fundraising event ever since.

In the beginning, I had mixed feelings about being part of the “MS Community” -it’s not a club you are excited to join - but I wanted to raise awareness about the disease and money for the MS Society of Canada.

My sister was the top fundraiser in Toronto in 2003. Before we started walking, the top three fundraisers were celebrated on stage. I stood in the crowd with tears streaming down my face.

I was touched that she had had harnessed the generosity of her colleagues and friends “for me”, but again, was overwhelmed to be part of huge crowd of people galvanized to fight a debilitating neurological disease. A disease that I had.

Over the years, I have consistently been a Top 10 Fundraiser for the MS Walk. I still find the pre-walk celebrations emotional charged, but in smaller settings, I feel comfortable to champion the cause.

I’ll always be committed to improving the quality of life for the next generation of people suffering from MS.

Walking on a Bahamas Beach this year was a first, but what remains consistent year after year is the immense gratitude I feel for all the people who contribute to my fundraising success!

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