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Solar Power

Recently, I received a compliment that left me glowing.

While chatting with a friend, she looked at me and said, “Yeah, but you have sunshine cells. Everyone knows that about you.”

I looked mildly confused, so she continued. “You have been through a lot of *%&* but you always manage to find the good.”

I replied, “I’m no PollyAnna. I get upset and experience my share of bad days.”

She rolled her eyes a bit as she said “That makes you normal, but you have the innate ability to see the best in life.”

It felt like I was being handed a lovely gift; a box of bright light.

Over the years, because of my various illnesses, I have sometimes worried about being a dark cloud - someone my loved ones have had to frequently worry over. They don’t make me feel that way, I just do.

Being told I had sunshine in my cells, and so matter-of-factly, was a welcome contrast to idea of the autoimmune deficiencies that my body harbours.

The two can co-exist.

I’ve always thought the sun can be healing, but there’s nothing more powerful than feeling it shine from the inside, out.

“Sunshine cells” may just be the realization of the power of perspective.

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