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Shades of Blue

My fishy friends mesmerized me this morning; I needed that.

I have had the blues for the past couple of days. My MS has necessitated a lot of “rest days” and I am frustrated.

Today, I decided to go and watch the fish.

Standing waist deep on the ledge to the ocean, I waited to see if any of my fishy friends were around. To my delight, within moments, a large Jack fish came to see me. As he approached, he was looking at me so intently that it seemed he had something to say. Then his twin buddy came by, and so did several sweet yellow and black striped Sergeant Majors. Soon there was about a dozen fish gliding around my legs.

I stood stock still and marvelled at their curiosity and bravery. Then, something new caught my eye; a species I haven’t seem before. The Hogfish was shy and didn’t come close, but his lovely, long three dorsal spines gave the effect similar to a rooster’s comb.

Today’s encounter was a gift. It made me feel a part of this big beautiful world: less alone with my illness.

When I took some photos from the dock, the fluffy clouds were reflected in the blue water, making it look like the fish were swimming in the sky.

I let myself be immersed in the moment and all that blue made me feel less so.

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