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Perspective in Paradise

I landed in paradise a week ago. I love palm trees, the ocean, sunshine, hibiscus and bougainvillea and now they are part of my daily life. Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

My son and I go snorkeling almost every day. My husband and I have our coffee (tea for me) overlooking a crystal clear blue canal; we are always on the lookout for turtles or nurse sharks and we see them. Another pinch please.

Why isn’t my body with me in this nirvana? My legs are in constant distress and sometimes searing pain and my entire trunk feels heavy and numb.

MS. This relapse has been creeping up on me

Maybe it was the stress of moving?

To a different country.

During COVID.

Learning to drive on the other side of the road.

Getting dizzy (with anxiety) while navigating all the roundabouts!

Our dog catching kennel cough from his 5-day move.

Finding my way to the vet (only 2 roundabouts away).

I know I’m going to love the Bahamas, I already do. It’s a huge change, but I am whole-heartedly embracing it.

I need my central nervous system to do the same.

I look out at ocean, tell myself I’m really here, breath in the good air, and expel stress and anxiety. Come on body, catch up with the blissed out part of my brain.

One day at a time…and it’s only a 15 min drive and three roundabouts to the neurologist.

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