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Old is New

Over the last 10 months, my MS symptoms have been coming and going and my stamina has been compromised.

I’ve had to harness the power of perspective to stay positive; sometimes that can be mentally exhausting and lonely.

Writing about it didn’t feel helpful. A month ago, I almost did a blog post about accepting a “new normal.” I couldn’t do it; I had too many reasons to hope for stronger days ahead. (It’s why I took up golf, even if I could only manage 3 holes.)

I’m glad I trusted my instincts.

I’ve been feeling consistently stronger for over two weeks. It’s been long enough that I feel ok about saying “YAY!” in print.

It’s also been long enough that I joyously danced with abandon at a recent party. My “old normal” feels shiny and new and I’m grateful to have it back.

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