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No Parka Required

The clocks fell back on the weekend, a sure sign that winter is on its way.

There is a seasonal shift in the Bahamas. The palm fronds remain green and the bougainvilleas are still in bloom, but we didn’t need our air conditioning today.

After several months of intense heat, it feels like there is coolness in the air. Maybe it’s just that I equate November with cold?

My brain is programmed for winter, but like the new birds that seem to be arriving daily, I have already flown south.

Old Canadian habits die hard; should I get out my woolies? I’ve always loved toques and sweaters.

Ignoring the actual temperature, I am going to appease my internal clock and get my dose of cozy! I’ll rummage through the closet and see what I can find…

You’ll be able to find me happily bundled (and sweating!) at the end of the dock.

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