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Island Time

Since moving to the Bahamas, I no longer wear a watch - I’m living on “island time.”

I’ve let go of the frenetic pace of city life.

Things can take longer here, but, like the song says, I try to take the "don't worry, be happy" point of view.

Yesterday, at the grocery store, the power went out and I was left standing in front of the detergents in the pitch black. Unnerving? Slightly, but my phone flashlight led me to the front of the store, where I, along with a few other other customers, waited, and waited…and waited. No toes were tapping. Nobody was snippy.

It took about 20 minutes for (half) the lights came back on. The cash registers were still kaput. Cash sales only. The security guard let me out of the store to visit the nearby bank machine.

When I returned, I didn’t notice how long I waited to pay; awhile.

To be able to see the ocean, I took the long route home. During my drive, there was a torrential down pour followed by bright sun, and then a spectacular rainbow. When I slowed down to avoid a crater of a pothole, I witnessed a graceful white egret bathing in a roadside puddle.

I smiled; I don’t need a watch to tell me to savour these island times.

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