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I want to Par-tee!

My husband has wanted me to do this for a long time: he’s been very patient and the wait is finally over.

Get your head out of the gutter, this blog is G rated and the G is for golf!

Two and half months after I met him (almost 12 years ago) my hubby, then boyfriend, presented me with golf clubs for my birthday with a card that eagerly stated, “I hope we can spend more time together…”

I laughed while I thought “me too, but not on the golf course.”

I was busy chasing my toddler around the playground, keeping a very little white ball in my sights sounded exhausting.

Times have changed and so has my perspective.

My son is now a teenager and wants to take up golf too. I will be very happy letting him drive me around in the cart; a little role reversal will fun for both of us.

My energy has been low lately so I know a new sport could be a physical challenge, but my ego is firmly in check; I don’t intend to keep score. As my MS has progressed over the years I've had to let go of keeping up with the crowd. I just do what I can on any given day.

I’m ready for a new challenge and I have the encouragement of my family, and some new golf friends, to make this fun.

Fore! Three, two, one – ready or not, golf here I come.

Have you tried something new lately that takes you out of your comfort zone?

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