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I'm your Super Fan

During COVID, my son and I have watched a lot of the reality show, Survivor. I hadn’t seen it since season one (over 20 years ago), but my teenage boy and I have shared many a laugh over the last year watching the various casts of characters. Neither of us would qualify as "Super Fans" but it's been a fun bonding experience.

Participants on the show often talk about the joys (and hardships) of living off the land.

On a small scale, I’m getting that organic experience.

Some locals hacked open a bunch of fallen coconuts for me. It is very satisfying wrapping my hands around a coconut and drinking its water; I enjoy the purity. The same goes for grabbing a banana from a tree in our back yard. I feel connected to the landscape, and all the more grateful to nature.

You won’t see me scaling a palm tree anytime soon- that wouldn’t end well – or wielding a machete – that might end worse, I like my fingers and toes intact! “Sole Survivor” material I’m not; I’m storing the coconuts in our fridge and using my metal straw to extract the water, but I like my version of things.

It’s my husband and my wedding anniversary today. Safe to say, I don’t have to worry about winning immunity or being voted out of our home. Instead, we’ll grab a cool coconut, share a straw and celebrate our special day. Cheers to that and happy anniversary to my one and only!

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