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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

I’m not scared of needles, but I was nervous about getting my COVID vaccine.

The kindly man who administered my shot warned me “this may bring on an MS relapse.” With all the masking, we’ve learned to read each other's eyes and I’m sure mine looked tired when I replied “I know, but this is too important…the rewards outweigh the risks.”

Vaccines and I have a complicated relationship; I appreciate how they protect me, but dread the after-effects on my autoimmune diseases, particularly my MS.

The “quiet” MS lesions in my brain and spine can become “noisy” when my immune system is stimulated. This time, the results were acute pain in my lower spine and weak legs (and a tooth infection that I barely count – it’s easy to clear up and doesn’t affect my mobility).

It’s times like this that I count on the power of perspective. It’s a mind game, remembering its short-term pain for long-term gain.

Goals are always shifting - mine now is to get strong for dose number two.

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2 comentarios

07 jun 2021

I'm so glad you're halfway there! Thank you for letting us in and sharing your experience 🥇❤️

Me gusta

07 jun 2021

You got this sister! Get rested and relaxed at the cottage for dose 2. Hopefully it will be abit easier on you....


Me gusta
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