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Gratitude Goals

Recently, my instructor asked me if I had any goals for my horseback riding lessons.

Goals? That took me off guard. I confessed, “I’m just happy to be riding.”

Later, as I reflected on my answer, I remembered when I was first diagnosed with MS. Some unexplained weaknesses suddenly made sense. I was terrified that I would lose my mobility. I rethought my exercise routines so I could maintain my fitness levels.

As MS symptoms came and went, I adjusted to new normals regularly.

Globally, the pandemic has made the word pivot popular for a reason. We’ve had to shift our expectations and how we manage things. One of the best ways to resiliency is recognizing the strengths we have and adapting to them.

This year is the 20th anniversary of my MS diagnosis. I feel lucky to be riding: it’s something that brings me great happiness.

It may not be lofty, but my goal is to ensure that I don’t take that joy for granted.

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