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Go to HEeL!

My high heel shoes were taunting me as they gathered dust in my closet.


A stark reminder of what I can’t wear and do (walk in them!)


I’m not vertically challenged and I value my feet so I’ve only ever worn heels to special events. My MS has prevented me from doing even that for the last two years.


Still, I packed them up and moved them a few months ago when we relocated back to Canada from the Bahamas. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet. What if…


My rational brain knows that my two new (ish) spinal lesions are permanent. The decline in my leg strength and stamina has been a difficult thing to process. Until I saw the MRI report in March I had hoped my mobility issues might be temporary.


The shoes reminded me of fun, dressy nights, dancing and feeling glamourous. I had one pair my friend called “Sex on Sticks.” That made me laugh. I could never manage stilettos, but, even my moderately high heels made me feel sexy.


Last month, I took the best of my heels to a consignment shop. I was ready to let the past go and look the future squarely in the face. Block heels are pretty nice too -pun intended- and fairly comfortable.


Sneakers are even better; I am now on the lookout for some sparkly trainers. There’s always a bright side.

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