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Express Yourself

A friend of mine recently had her tattoo modified to reflect her time in the Bahamas.

I just bought some conch Christmas tree ornaments as mementoes of my first holiday season in Nassau.

We are both loving our time here, but the only ink I’ll be buying is a local artist’s drawing to hang on our walls.

It got me thinking; why have I never wanted a tattoo? People have been getting them since the Pharaohs ruled Egypt.

Maybe the surgical scars (and ostomy) tell enough of a story on my body, I don’t feel the need for more chapters?

It’s not a fear of commitment – I’ve been married twice ;)

This blog is about perspective so I read an article in Psychology Today, “Why People Get Tattoos,” One guy (who may have a biggish ego) explained his lack of tattoos: “Would you put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?” This made me laugh out loud, mostly because I have no illusions that I’m a racecar.

Another giggle wasn’t far behind: “People with tattoos are the realest people (you) will ever meet.” Last time I checked I’m not a figment of the imagination.

I still don’t know why I have never hankered for a tattoo, but I can understand why lots of people do. I think it comes down to self-expression. And, if we all expressed ourselves the same way what a boring world this would be.

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