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Disco Dad

My husband and I watched The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart documentary last night. Memories came flooding back; my dad blaring the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in his car. “Night Fever,” “Jive Talking,” “More than Woman”… When we were done with the Gibb brothers, we’d pop in the Donna Summer 8-track.

My father still likes peppy songs. He’s always cut a mean rug. It’s in his blood; his sister started her career in the arts as a professional dancer. At family parties, he’d spin her and my mum around and do the twist with the kids.

It rubbed off on me; I haven’t met a dance floor that I didn’t like. There’s something about getting lost in a song that is freeing. You don’t have to talk, just sing along and move to the beat. Dancing makes me feel carefree.

The COVID situation is wearing; I could use a little joy. We have music and a living room. It’s been too long; I’m hoping my hubby and son will join me; a Friday night dance party is long overdue!

The video posted is in the summer of 2019 at my 50th birthday party. We will dance together again.

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