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Dancing Queen

My morning smile came today in the form of a compliment.

I’m pretty sure it was unintentional, but that’s what made it all the better.

A good friend sent me a text and at first all I could see was “I was just thinking about you yesterday…my colleague was mentioning…” I immediately thought her work friend must have been talking about someone with MS or an ostomy.

But, as I read further, they had been chatting about Studio 54. That made my friend think of dancing which led her thoughts to me. What joy - being equated with dancing filled me with light!

I don’t feel defined by my diseases, but, because my illnesses are mostly invisible, I forget that people aren’t inside my head or body. They forget too. I think about “energy management” daily. This has been going on for years so I am adept at planning, knowing my boundaries and the consequences for pushing them.

Dance nights don’t happen very often anymore, but when they do, they are worth the rest days.

Today, I was reminded that there is never a bad time to blast some Abba in the kitchen, and take some time to embrace my inner “Dancing Queen.”

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