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We’re moving. My insides match the jumbled state of our house.

People keep asking me if I’m excited about moving to the Bahamas. I am, but it doesn’t feel real yet.

My mind is jumpy:

I’m eager for a new adventure but sad to leave Halifax.

Can’t wait to see our family and friends, but will miss my new friends here.

So much paperwork to move countries!

COVID restrictions and how will we get our second shot?

Our anxious snub-nosed dog has a long and disjointed journey ahead…

When my thoughts get caught in the spin cycle, I take deep breaths and remember all the good stuff that lies ahead:

I’ll say "so long for now" to Halifax; it’s not going anywhere - we can come back and visit.

My time with family and friends in the summer will have my cup running over.

Living in Nassau will be as amazing!

We’re moving. The first thing that needs to be packed up is chaos and stress. I’m not waiting for the truck, that box is getting dumped on the curb. I intend to enjoy this ride.

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