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Atari dreams

Last night, I dreamed about video games from my childhood. I woke up smiling - I had just won a game of Pong on my friend’s Atari. I could almost feel the joystick in my hand.

I had gone to bed after one of those increasing regular moments where I felt my age. When did I become a dinosaur?

I told my 15-year-old son about when my dad got one of the first car phones. It was the size of a brick. My family was absolutely giddy as we drove around the block and called my aunt in California. She was in her car too! What did that call cost? It didn’t matter; the future seemed so bright.

My teenager didn’t put down his cell phone as smiled at me sympathetically. I decided not to tell him about the mind-blowing madness of the Sony Walkman and making the perfect mixtape.

Instead, I went downstairs and chose my favourite Spotify 70’s playlist from the Sonos app on my Iphone.

The soundtrack of my dream was only a swipe away. This dino fondly recalled the technologies of my youth while listening to a Jurassic jam.

Remember when new technology was exciting, not just expected?

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