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Ably Minded

Recently I learned that people with ostomies are eligible for a break on their taxes. Yipee, I thought and emailed my accountant. Free money from the government; what’s the catch?

I received a prompt reply with a form for my doctor to complete. It was a Disability Tax Credit Certificate. I cringed: disability? I’ve never thought of my ostomy as a disability. I read the various sections of the form curious as to where I fit in; vision, hearing, walking, feeding, dressing, and wait for it…eliminating. Double cringe.

I’ve had an ostomy since I was 11 years old, there wouldn’t be a problem having my doctor fill out the necessary paperwork, but it took me all of a millisecond to disregard the idea. How can I ask to be compensated for a disability when I don’t feel like I have one? I would feel like a fraud.

My head isn’t in the sand about the grief my “bag” has caused me - I can talk about the suffering openly - but it saved my life and allowed me to be ABLE to do most things. That’s my truth.

I never did find out how much of a credit I could receive, but I did figure out the catch; changing my perspective. For now, altering my point of view doesn’t feel like an option, but, if things change, it’s good to know the option is there.

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